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Welcome, Henry, to God's Club

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My last post had a picture from my grandson Henry's baptism, so this seemed appropriate as a follow-up. Before Catherine LeDuke returned home from her Atlanta trip in October of 2006, we reminisced about the previous day's church service and how special the gathering of so many of our family had been.  I summed up Mother's thoughts in a note to Henry for inclusion in his memory box.
October 16, 2006

 Dear Henry,

            Yesterday you were baptized at the church your mother grew up in, St. Timothy United Methodist Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  You won’t remember the event because you were only 6 months old.  Somewhere in a shoe box or a scrap book you may find some pictures of the occasion.  But just in case you can’t find any I want to leave you a few of my thoughts concerning that day.

            To begin with you behaved better than any infant I have ever seen at a baptism.  When some strange person grabs you out of your mother’s arms and splashes water all over your face, you have every right to scream your head off.  But you did not.  Then that water splasher paraded you up and down the aisle showing you off to a bunch of old people that you will never see again.

            When you finally got back into your mom’s arms she sat you down on the front pew where you proceeded to stare at the Preacher lady throughout the entire service.  Never once did you make a peep.  It appeared you were hanging on every word from the pulpit.  Any drug problem you may have had during your lifetime can probably be traced to whatever your mom gave you that Sunday morning.

            Seated beside you and your mom and dad on the front row, was your daddy’s mother and father and your mom’s mom.  But behind you on the next four pews is the real story worth knowing about.  All four rows were packed with family and friends.  You had four girl cousins that probably have tortured you at every family event you have ever been to while growing up.  You had a batch of Aunts and Uncles that know just how to stuff five dollar bills into birthday cards. 

            And behind us all was yet another pew full of your mom’s and your grand mom’s friends from the Stone Mountain area.  They were there because your Mom is a very special lady with a truly close knit family of friends.

            I was also there with an extra Grandmother to help keep you spoiled all your life when visiting Atlanta.  But the most special treat of all was that you had in attendance someone that very few people get to have, your Great-Grandmother Catherine LeDuke, of afghan fame.  Ask any body in your family and they will tell you that your Great-Grandmother is actually one of God’s special angels that he loaned to Earth.  And she was there to see you receive the most important sacrament of your life.

            What I want most to have you know about this event is that the gathering of this many people, just for a show starring you, speaks volumes about the kind of family that you have been lucky enough to be born into.  You have two loving parents who have a very large cast of characters behind them.  Everyone in this Henry James Lott production has a special part to play in your life. 

            Learn to appreciate each one of these weird players.  They will move in and out of your life with each act and each scene that makes up your time on this earth.  You will rarely see them all on stage at the same time, but you can be sure that they are forever on call awaiting their cue.

            Henry, always be thankful for the depth of family and friends behind your Mom and Dad.  God has put you in a special place with a special group.    
            Yesterday, in front of all these witnesses He declared that you are a member of His family too.  May you be blessed all your life as you are today.



Jimmy LeDuke (I'd love to hear from you...feel free to comment below, or click HERE to send me an e-mail.)

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