Friday, May 3, 2013

A Picture Posting for a Change of Pace

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I seem to be at a loss for words (a relief, no doubt, for many of you) so I decided to give folks a random selection of pictures to look at.  Perhaps one or more of them will spark some special memory worth sharing with others who check in here from time to time to pay tribute to James Neville and Catherine.           

James Neville 1937
A 1933 Catherine Patty
Our Soul Mates in 1944

The offspring and adopted daughter

Catherine with most of her Grandkids

1989 Car full on the way to visit Bubba
Amanda & Jenny at their cutest
Cathie and Jimmy chasing
Ben Neville and Miss Maude
Patty siblings
Catherine, Bud, & Mary E.

The McCrory Clan, a few years ago
"Bubba" with Diana, Steve, and Michael

Pokey - One of the family pets
Either a Latin Club Gathering or a College Toga Party
Circa 1970-ish

The LeDuke Street Gang
Cowboy Jimmy

Grandma and Grandpa
Jimmy, Cathie, Richard ( they clean up pretty good)

The apple of James Neville's Eye and the
Namesake of our Blog
1937 Spencer


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