Friday, May 10, 2013

A First for the Great-Grandchild Crew

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A special weekend is coming up!!!

Proud????  Who, Me!!!

Not what you're thinking though.  Of course, it's Mother's Day on Sunday.  But with all this "blogging" I've been doing, I figure my Mother has already gotten her present.  However, tomorrow she's going to get one that's extra special to Marty and I.

Catherine LeDuke's first Great-Grandchild is about to graduate from college.  Graduation exercises are tomorrow in Statesboro, Georgia at Georgia Southern University. 

Bethany Nicole Chapman
Bethany Nicole Chapman will graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.  She has worked very hard for four years and managed to stay on the Dean's List every quarter.  Maybe she takes after her Granddaddy.........NOT!!  Must be her "Bubba." 

We are so very proud of you Bethany.  Can't wait to see you walk across the stage tomorrow.

So in honor of you "Bug", the rest of this posting is dedicated to showing you off to all my followers.  All three of them will fall in love with you just as your Nana and I have throughout the years.

Good Luck.  Wish you the best.  Now Grad School starts when?

A Different Graduation Day That Was Just as Important as This One

Sisters Forever

Lucky Grandson Henry and the whole Granddaughter Crew
Bethany, Alyssa, Emily, Ashlyn, and Kate


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