Friday, November 20, 2009

The first female I ever saw wearing long pants.

August 6, 2009

Dear Cathie, Jimmy, Richard

Your Mother and Father were both delightful. I grew up in Tiptonville and attended the Presbyterian Church where we were all in Sunday School together.

I first remember your Mother when she started carrying the rural route mail in early 1940's. This was because your father was in the service. My Father was postmaster, and I spent a lot of time at the post office as my mother was a clerk there.

Miss Catherine was the first female that I saw wear long pants. These pants helped to keep her warm in cold weather out on the "route" delivering mail. What a good solution that was to keeping warm.

Miss Catherine later taught me when I was in high school. I think the subjects were Latin and English.

Mr. James Neville taught me Chemistry. I looked forward to his classes.

Recently, when I was in Tiptonville, I went to church and had a short visit with Miss Catherine. I told her that my first memory of her was in long pants. She smiled and maybe connected with that long ago memory.

I hope to see you all in September and I certainly enjoyed the recent article you wrote in the Lake County Banner.


Nell Frances Campbell Scott

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  1. Dear Daddy,
    I love hearing and reading your stories. I wish I could have had great teachers like your parents. I feel so lucky though to have Bubba (your mother) as my Grandmother. It's just like everyone has described in their letters, she makes you feel like a very extra special person. I miss her all the time. She is AMAZING even if she can't remember your name anymore, she still has this gracious essence about her that still makes you feel at ease with the situation and as special as ever. I don't believe that this quality of essence can be learned, it just is. I think she is up for Sainthood and I would love to be like her when I grow up. One of her best accomplishments was raising the fine man I have the pleasure of calling Dad. (Even though you did have a few sketchy ideas during your youth that are pretty questionable) I think you are AMAZING for writing this blog to honor your Mother and Father. I think My Parents are really GREAT too but unfortunately I am not that talented or creative so I will just have to tell them every chance I get;-)
    Love u, Denise