Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Valedictorian speech from a 13-year-old Catherine

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Catherine Frazier Patty
The following is a speech given by Catherine Patty at her 8th grade graduation.  It is hard to imagine that this is written by a 13-year-old unless you were lucky enough to have been a student of Catherine LeDuke at some time in your life.  

Her speech needs no commentary from me.  I encouraged you to read it through to the end and visualize her being on a stage enunciating each word and phrase.


This posting still needs no additional words from me except to say once again what an amazing woman Catherine was even at 13.


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  1. One of the kindest, most sincere and loving person, teacher, and wonderful role models in my life. What an insight to her early love for others and respect for all. A wiser and more intelligent lady there probably isn't. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you in posting this sincere,Valedictorium speech composed by your Mother. A wonderful friend and teacher.
    Arline Orr